Pneumatic crane winch fd 300 lv

Speed 20.0 m/min, WLL 1st layer 950 kg.

Pneumatic crane winch fd 300 lv Technical drawning of Pneumatic crane winch fd 300 lv
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Series: FD - planetary crane winches 

Designed to be used where there is little space. They are compact and lightweight lifting winches which are suited to be installed on cranes, davits and derricks. Their single drum support enables a rope to leave a drum at any angle. Large drum diameters ensure a healthy drum / cable diameter ratio and sufficient working lengths despite short drums. Their heavy duty planetary drive is partly located within and protected by their drum core. 

Standard features

  • Steel drum with cable fixing point at flange - Single drum support
  • Heavy duty planetary gearbox
  • FD GP gear type air motor complete with hand control valve and mufflers
  • FD E; IP 54 400 V AC / 3-phases / 50 Hz braked motor
  • FD H; orbit or radial piston type hydraulic motor complete with brake valve
  • FD LV; vane type air motor complete with hand control valve and mufflers
  • FEM / ISO class: T4-L3-M5
  • Double layer 2-component conservation according ISO 12944 category C2-Low, colour RAL 5010

General options for winches

  • Brida divisora de tambor
  • Tambor ranurado
  • Cubiertas de tambor
  • Rodillo de presión
  • Final de carrera
  • Encoder + final de carrera
  • Embraque manual
  • Embrague de fricción
  • Interruptor de control de tensión del cable
  • Final de carrera neumático
  • Freno de banda manual
  • Freno de banda hidráulico
  • Control remoto colgante
  • Válvula de control neumática
  • Engranaje de enrollamiento
  • Anclaje de cable adicional
  • Anillo de rozamiento
  • Biela manual de emergencja (en motor eléctrico)
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WLL 1st layer [kg]:950 kg
WLL lifting top layer:800 kg
Speed [m/min]:20.0 m/min
Speed at top layer:25.0 m/min
Number of layers:4
Drum capacity first layer:15 m
Drum capacity top layer:70 m
Pressure drop:65.0 bar
Flow:90 l/min
Mass:130 kg
Rope diameter:8 mm

*For more storage, higher / lower speed or change any parameter, please contact with us

Dimension D1:244 mm
Dimension D2:380 mm
Dimension L1:176.0 mm
Dimension L2:310.0 mm
Dimension L3:96 mm
Dimension L4:765 mm
Dimension L5:240 mm
Dimension L6:44 mm
Dimension H1:215.0 mm
Dimension H2:405 mm
Dimension W1:440.0 mm
Dimension W2:400 mm
Hole diameter:18.0 mm