Pneumatic accomodation ladder winch aw 1500 ls 2x

Speed 7.5 m/min, WLL 1st layer 2 x 750 kg.

Pneumatic accomodation ladder winch aw 1500 ls 2x Technical drawning of Pneumatic accomodation ladder winch aw 1500 ls 2x
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Series: AW/PW - accomodation and pilot ladder winches

AW winches are designed to position and hold accommodation and ship-to-shore ladders and ladders between vessels and offshore installations. Constructed in accordance with SOLAS requirements for international shipping, the range features a dynamically and statically self-braking wormgear and emergency hand crank. Each type may be configured for single or twin rope operation and powered by means of an electric or pneumatic motor. PW winches are used to lower and lift the pilot ladder on board of seagoing vessels, EMCE has one standard design, PW 550, that has been supplied to several dredging vessel fl eet owners. We have also supplied custom-built designs. Please ask about the available options.

Standard features

  • Self-braking wormgear transmission for the AW series
  • Planetary gear for PW 550
  • SOLAS compliance
  • IP 56 TENV motor protection for the AW ES series
  • IP 66 TENV with standstill heating for the PW 550
  • Rotary vane, gear type air or motor for the AW LS series
  • Steel drum (not grooved) with one or two cable fixing point(s) at flange
  • Two drum supports
  • Emergency hand crank for the AW series only
  • Double layer 2-component conservation, colour RAL 5010
  • 13 meter pilot ladder with 32 fl at steps, 4 spreaders and 4 rubber steps for PW 550
  • Pneumatic versions with hand control valve
  • IP 66 spindle limit switch for PW 550
  • FEM / ISO class: T3-L3-M4

Note: For pneumatic winches is the speed on the first layer the average speed. The speed at the top layer is at unloaded conditions.

General options for winches

  • Brida divisora de tambor
  • Tambor ranurado
  • Cubiertas de tambor
  • Rodillo de presión
  • Final de carrera
  • Encoder + final de carrera
  • Embraque manual
  • Embrague de fricción
  • Interruptor de control de tensión del cable
  • Final de carrera neumático
  • Freno de banda manual
  • Freno de banda hidráulico
  • Control remoto colgante
  • Válvula de control neumática
  • Engranaje de enrollamiento
  • Anclaje de cable adicional
  • Anillo de rozamiento
  • Biela manual de emergencja (en motor eléctrico)
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WLL 1st layer [kg]:2 x 750 kg
WLL lifting top layer:1500 kg
Speed [m/min]:7.5 m/min
Number of layers:3
Drum capacity first layer:2 x 27 m
Pressure drop:6.0 bar
Flow:130 l/min
Mass:275 kg
Rope diameter:10 mm
Holding force:4000 kg
WLL pulling first layer:1500 kg

*For more storage, higher / lower speed or change any parameter, please contact with us

Dimension D1:195 mm
Dimension D2:370 mm
Dimension L1:300.0 mm
Dimension L2:180.0 mm
Dimension L3:850 mm
Dimension L4:318 mm
Dimension L5:565 mm
Dimension L6:235 mm
Dimension L7:25 mm
Dimension H1:15.0 mm
Dimension H2:254 mm
Dimension H3:182 mm
Dimension H4:570.5 mm
Dimension W1:546.0 mm
Dimension W2:207 mm
Dimension W3:440 mm
Dimension W4:380 mm
Hole diameter:20.0 mm